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Walkin Cane Mark January 26, 2013

First String Promotions


Walkin’ Cane Mark


One Night

January 26, 2013


The great Willie Dixon dubbed Mark, “Walkin’ Cane Mark” in 1988 when he was recovering from a debilitating car accident… 


In Cane’s words… 
“He saw me walking around with a cane and knew my name was Mark, one day out of his mouth came Walkin Cane Mark and it stuck.”


It was also Willie who first recognized Mark’s passion for Blues & Soul music. “‘Gravedigger Blues was my favorite song by Willie Dixon and he told me he wanted me to record it someday so I did on my first solo CD.” 


About Walkin’ Cane Mark

No one really knows where Walkin’ Cane Mark is from. Someone once said that Mark was born under a cactus deep in the Arizona desert.  Others have been heard to state that an infant Walkin’ Cane came crawling out from the Superstition Mountain sone day after the worst monsoon storm in Phoenix history.

What we do know is that Mark is an Arizonanative and still resides there today.  A fifth generation musician he was born with the soul of a gila monster and the voice of a grizzly bear.  A much sought after and always entertaining personality, Walkin’ Cane Mark Brehm has recently gone from thrilling southwestern audiences to shaking up the world!

Mark truly enjoys what he obviously was put on earth for……ENTERTAIN.  The Walkin Cane Mark Show is a mixture of raw Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Blues and a whole lotta Soul.


“Walkin Cane Mark is the best I’ve ever heard, go on out and spread the word”

–  Snooky Pryor


Born on August 26th 1967, Mark found his passion for gritty Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Soul music early on.  It’s ironic that the same harp players that Mark revered were the ones that personally taught him his first licks.  Snooky Pryor (known to be the first player to amplify his harp post WWII Chicago) taught him how to drive a band with his harmonica like a steam engine.  Nappy Brown showed Mark how to signify, shout & channel emotion into every tune.  Junior Wells made Mark FUNKY!  He gave Mark that edge that grabs a hold of an audience and won’t let go.

“From the time the first note is hit I like to grab the crowd by its soul and not release it until the very end, I give em a break when I get one and we ALL leave very fulfilled!”

–  Junior Wells



“You don’t pick the Blues the Blues picks you”, the late great harmonica player Junior Wells once told Mark.  And ‘pick him’ it certainly did.  Mark has the reputation of being one of the youngest “Old School Style” harmonica players in the southwest.  Now, you catch Walkin’ Cane Mark at Scottsdale’s coolest neighborhood Blues Hot Spot!

El Dorado Bar & Grill

8708 E. McDowell Road, Scottsdale, AZ •  480-945-2606

Best Of Best Neighborhood Bar, Scottsdale Award Winner 2009


Where Blues Happens!


January 26, 2013

8pm – 12am

Cover – No Way!


El Dorado’s Famous Saturday Night Special…

Full Prime Rib Dinner with all the fixin’s* 

*First come first served! Prime Rib dinner reservations suggested

Don’t miss your chance to hear this talented band live at El Dorado Bar and Grill!



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Another First String Promotions Event!


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